Thursday, December 1, 2011

Follow Friday (23)

TGIF everyone! It's time for Follow Friday!

What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to books? Maybe you don't like love triangles or thin plots? Tell us about it!

Wow. This is really a lot harder than I thought it would be. I think my absolute #1 pet peeve I have when it comes to books is writing a book with a sequel/series already planned out. I've actually posted about this before in some of my reviews. I just absolutely hate it when authors write a book for a series *ahem Bright Young Things!*, as I feel that this causes the authors to really skimp on the story. In the end, I feel like I've just read a giant prologue.

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Happy Friday!


Amanda P said...

I can see why you would feel that way. An author shouldnt skimp just bc its a series

new follower

-Amanda P
Paranormal Romance
Books, Shopping & Rock N' Roll

Niina said...

Oh, I should have mentioned that too, Grrr, don't like it! I want books to be self sufficiant. :)

New RSS Follower. Come see my Friday too! Also don't miss my "The Cowboy and The Vampire Weekend!" with 5 Star Review, Guest Blog, Co-author Interview and a Signed Book Giveaway!

Eileen said...

Yeah, I agree. I only like it if it's in a trilogy, for some reason, since I feel that every book is important if it's only three books. I hate when they do that with a continuous series, though. The first books just fel like a huge prologue until you get to the core of the story. Great answer!

New follower

Sarah@Catching Books said...

new follower :)

I totally agree with your peeve!

Happy Friday and check out my follow Friday!

Giselle said...

I wish there were more stand-alones!!

Xpresso Reads

Burgandy Ice said...

I guess I typically try to get around that by reading series all at once 'cause I like huge stories. I do have a few cliffhangers I'm trying to remember for the sequels coming out and it is irritating. Good choice.
My FF is at

Anonymous said...

I hate this, too ... Especially when a story is sketched into a series and nothing happens in the first book ... I think a book should have some kind of plot and be able to stand by itself. Happy FF! :)

Untouchable Treasure said...

Amanda: Thanks for the comment and the follow!!

Niina: Self-sufficiency is key!! Thank you for following. :)

Eileen: It's funny you mentioned that, because I agree that trilogies do a lot better than other series. Thanks for following! :)

Sarah: Thank you! I appreciate the follow. :D

Giselle: As do I, as do I... :/

Burgandy: That's actually a good idea. Thank you for following! :)

reading: My point exactly!! :) Have a great weekend.


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