Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday is for Fairytales (2)

Friday is for Fairytales is a meme hosted by Irena at This Miss Loves to Read. Every Friday, you can choose a fairytale you love, or simply find interesting or haunting, and review it or simply say why you like it so much, or why it has captured your attention. Instead of a fairytale, you can choose a favourite fairytale character and describe him/her and tell us why you like them, or you can simply share an experience connected to a fairytale. Fairytales can be old and modern, written by a known author or anonymous, written down or passed on orally, short or in novel form (like re-writings of fairytales), international or typical for your country alone. In this case, present your country’s fairytale and we can all become acquainted with a new fairytale. So, make a post every Friday that is connected to the world of fairytales, be it a review, a character description or your own fairytale experience. Let’s celebrate fairytales and share our love for them.

MY POST IS ABOUT: Beauty and the Beast by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve

Beauty and the Beast, next to The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen, is my favorite fairytale of all time. I really love the theme of internal beauty that goes on in this tale. In a world that stresses outer beauty today, it's so refreshing to read a fairytale like this one; one that emphasizes the importance of looking inside for true beauty.

This fairytale is just simply beautiful. Belle, our heroine, is such a strong character, with an amazing heart. She turns what most people would consider a life-ending situation into a happy and fruitful one. She sees the best of things, and ultimately, that translates into how she ends up seeing the Beast, and ends up loving him, despite his appearance.

As far as the Disney version of Beauty and the Beast goes, it is my favorite Disney movie BY FAR. I LOVE how Disney translated this "tale as old as time" onto the screen. Every single time I watch the movie, I feel the power and the beauty of this wonderful fairytale. Belle is strong and has a mind of her own. She's not afraid to be different; she longs for a life outside the norm.

This fairytale is AMAZING, and will remain forever my favorite.

Art © Jackie Sullivan


Man of la Books said...

Hey, I still have fund memories of this story from my grandparents house (the original version, way before Disney). I'm looking forward for you historical fiction reviews.

Irena @ This Miss Loves to Read said...

This is a beautiful post. Beauty and the Beast is my favourite fairytale, too, and I love that you pointed out its message of inner beauty, especially in this superficial world. Also, Belle is a great heroine. Thanks for sharing!

Bookworm1858 said...

I love the Disney version-definitely one of my favorites; also love the picture you chose to accompany this. I've never seen it before.

Untouchable Treasure said...

Irena: You're so welcome!! :)

Bookworm: This is by the artist Jackie Sullivan... she does some really incredible work. Her website is:


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