Friday, August 6, 2010

To Catch A Pirate by Jade Parker


Y.A. Historical Fiction (226 pgs.)


When Annalisa Townsend's ship is set upon by pirates in search of her father's treasure, one of the crew, James Sterling, discovers her in the hold. When he moves to take her necklace, she begs him not to, as it is all she has left of her mother. He accepts a kiss in exchange for the necklace. "A fair trade, m'lady," he tells her afterward, before disappearing.

A year later, with a forged letter of marque, Annalisa is intent on hunting down the wretched James Sterling and reclaiming her father's treasure from him. But now she's in danger of him stealing something far more valuable this time: her heart.


Boy, I do love a good pirate story. And I was very surprised to find that this is one of the best I've read.

This one is truly a diamond in the rough. I must have spent hours on Amazon's 'You Might Also Like' list before I actually found it. The author, I had never heard of before. The book cover was plain and unimpressive. But it's what's inside that counts.

Annalisa, unlike other heroines, isn't born into the story with a will of iron. She starts the book off as a damsel in distress, really. But she earns her toughness, she earns her strong resolve. And the fact that she slowly earns it makes the change all the more believeable.

I also admire Annalisa's heart. For the sake of her father, she is willing to skirt the law, fight bloodthirsty pirates, and risk her own life. I'm definitley sure if I were in her shoes, I would do the same for my father, so of course it is easy to connect with her there.

Another character that was really special for me was James Sterling. A pirate for most of his life, James eventually discovers the good in his own self, and learns to give his heart to another, instead of hiding it away. A pirate with a soul, you ask? Is that possible? Yes, I assure you it is, and Jade Parker will show you how.

The plot of this story is really remarkable. It never has any dull points, ever! It takes many exciting twists and turns, complete with back-stabbings and double-crossings. I think every good pirate author should model their stories after this one!

The action is really great too! Once again, as a true pirate story should be. Plenty of swordfights and battles to go 'round mates!

The emotion in this book isn't too heavy, as I find it is sometimes in Y.A. books, but still retains it's poignancy. When the author wants you to feel, trust me, you'll feel. But it's not a constant battering of feelings, which was different, but I still really enjoyed.

This book is really brilliant. Don't judge this story by its semi-cheesy back-cover synposis. Pick this adventure up and read it! You definitley won't regret it. A truly great read.




nymfaux said...

Thanks for the review!!! I'd been wondering about this one!!!--Have you read the Bloody Jack series?--It's one of my favorites!!!

Untouchable Treasure said...

nymfaux: Oh my gosh!! The Bloody Jack series is one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITES (reviews hopefully coming soon)! I LOVE those books! I can't wait for the newest one. :)

nymfaux said...

Yea!!!!!!!! is it too soon to be BFFs? ;) They have the Wake of the Lorelei Lee on, if you don't mind reading digital copies--I have a Nook, but it is TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!! :) :)

Untouchable Treasure said...

Oh my gosh, I will HAVE to check that out!!! Haha, it's never too soon!! ;)

nymfaux said...

;) Yes!!!! It's so good!!!! I don't know how he does it, but they keep getting better!!!!


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